Its hard to realise loneliness
when you are utterly alone
Chin up comrade,
you have miles to swallow.

Gear up the magazines,
march back to warzone
You are here in the quest of love
so latch onto that like a werewolf.

Steer yourself from the shadows
lay aside hollow dreams
Paint yourself throughout the mirror
don’t bother to be authentic.

Don’t let desolation cracks you up
in the rude weather of warzone
Maybe you are not alone
on other side of the wormhole.




Come back where we can share our soul again

Don’t  worry it was never been a picture perfect

Love is fine along with the minor chords

Like mixing a pint with bitter and vivid interest

Come stand here and fly till we dry out

Make our potion and fancy our mind out

Come back where we can find love again

Come back I need to hold your hands again

-inokio 🌸