I met a girl on a foggy winter morning
she was very pretty like a princess charming
her eyes were blue with an ocean of wonder
my mind got baffled by her divine lustre.

She stared at me with her curious glow
when I got lost in her eyes like a frosty snow.

So i talked to her
and shook heartbeats
after she blinked her eyes and
gleamed her cheeks.

She was so damn pretty without any brooch
her sweet tone reminded of my dream tune.

We then walked on edge of the road
with our hands kept close
but I couldn’t take my eyes off her
because of her soothing amour.

Her smile made the weather calmly brisk
on that lucky winter morning, i met a fairy within a beautiful sylph.




Turn down the lights dear
come breath the shadows with me
lets dance in the dark
only you and me.

Open up the muntins
let the wind blow us out
come hover around the closet
with smooches all around.

Sleepyhead, wake up
I miss your silent screams
come whistle the frozen night
with our lust fulfilled.



I wanna put my hands up your dress
I wanna feel you
gonna make mistakes
and wake up in you

You are my quilt to roam around
my island to remain sober
wanna touch you
like a veteran chauffeur

‘Permission granted’
said young billy jean
during the lovely full moon
we shook heartbeats

Woke up from bed
there’s still no you
no billy jean
nothing left to pursue

Am i lonely
I am and i will
Untill you show up
and blow my clamours